Who are we?


Toril Nygreen Grave

Toril challenges people to be the best that they can be. She does this both as a course instructor and as a coach.

Toril started TNG Coaching in 2009. She has previously worked as a teacher in secondary school, as well as nine years in international shipping, including as an HR Manager.

As well as being a pedagogue, Toril holds a Master's Degree in Value-Based Management. She maintains a PCC certification from the ICF and has also been in office for two years as President of ICF Norway.

Toril has an exceptional ability to create trust and to engage. As a course instructor, she allows the participants' expertise and experience to be the foundation on which they build further insights. Toril is a confidence-building and tough coach who challenges her customers to take responsibility for themselves, their relations and their achievements. Leaders who are coached by Toril become conscious of their values and get help to anchor their leadership in those values. Increased security, better communication, clarified expectations and an increased understanding of roles are stated as effects of Toril’s coaching.

Toril Nygreen Grave has more than 20 years of experience with developing human resources in the business sector. She currently provides leadership development, courses and coaching to some of Norway's largest companies. Toril is also a teacher at the Coaching Academy. Her core competencies are leadership coaching as well as the design of courses and development programs for leaders.



GRO Myhrer

Gro is an educator, course instructor, and coach. In addition to this, she keeps track of all the administrative aspects of TNG Coaching.

Gro has many years of experience from school. As a course instructor, she is inspirational, humorous and candid.

Gro is a steady conversation partner who sees you. She has long experience with different types of conversations. Gro will complete her coaching education at the Coaching Academy in March 2019.

Where are we?



Our head office is in Nedre Langgate 39b. Feel free to drop by for a coffee!



Many of our customers are Oslo-based, and we welcome them to Universitetsgata 14.



We have become good at being present where we are and are also happy to travel.




Coaching is not therapy or treatment. As coaches, we are conversational partners for healthy people who want to work on their development, improve relations or clear their minds. Once in a while, we find that our customers need something different from what we can offer. We do not have the competence to treat people who need a psychologist or therapy. We are, however, trained to discern who we should work with and who we should refer to someone else. We collaborate with psychologist André Myhrer - who can help you when you need such assistance. You can meet with André in our offices in Tønsberg.

In addition to being a psychologist, André has wide professional experience. He has worked as a teacher at primary and high school and has worked on organisational and management development in the Armed Forces. He is one of our course instructors and can contribute to company-based processes that require the assistance of a psychologist. André’s website can be found by clicking here.