Coaching is a form of communication where the coach and the coachee engage in regular conversations over a period of time to promote the development of the coachee. The coachee’s challenges and wishes for growth are the subjects of the sessions. A good coach creates a safe space for reflection, where the coachee increases their self-awareness and takes responsibility for their expectations, challenges, goals, and achievements.


Coaching is an effective method of leadership development. A leader’s personality, communication style, and temperament will affect their employees. As a leader, you use all of yourself in the practice of leadership, so it’s essential that you are aware of how you affect others. 

We have not yet met a leader who has not had good intentions. We have, however, met many leaders who do not have the effect on others that they believe they have or that they want to have. Through coaching, these leaders get the help to develop themselves and realise their good intentions. 

Coach is not a protected title. The International Coach Federation has a joint certification of coaches. Toril Grave is accredited by the ICF and holds the titles of CPCC and PCC.

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