Training and Events



Our courses inspire change. We believe in a practical approach and high participation among the course-takers. Customised preparatory and concluding work increases the benefits of the course and facilitates the implementation of new learning.

Our courses are held specifically for the company, and we are happy to tailor the courses to your context and development wishes.


Effective communication

Coaching leadership style

Collaboration across multiple locations


We would be happy to contribute to your conference. We like to engage the audience, and we run an interactive session with high participation from the audience. Our strength is in the connection we achieve with the participants - we give of ourselves, telling stories that connect with the audience - and we dare to push things to extremes to highlight important points.


The best thing about holding lectures and giving courses is all the inspirational people we meet. Our repertoire is continuously improving because we learn from you. The trends we see in leadership, and the challenges our participants bring, influence us. Each course is unique, and we always come home having learned something new ourselves.


What a coaching leadership style is NOT

How to manage relations well

To lead in a VUCA world